23 August, 2016

Workshop 01 (WS-01)  8:30-19:00

Title Mitigation of greenhouse gases and adaptation to climate change in livestock production systems
Organizer Akio Takenaka
Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC) in Taiwan, Taiwan, Republic of China

Workshop 02 (WS-02)  9:00-11:00

Title Dairy production with local feed resources in Asian countries
Organizer Taketo Obitsu
The Research Center for Animal Science, Hiroshima University, Japan

Workshop 03 (WS-03)  12:00-14:00

Title Using lesser galangal (Alpinia officinarum Hance) on pig diet
Organizer Tai Nang Nguyen
Hung Vuong University, Vietnam

Workshop 04 (WS-04)  12:00-14:00

Title Present situation and future prospect of goat production and the future direction in Asian-Australasian countries
Organizer Naoshige Abe
College of Agriculture Tamagawa University, Japan

24 August, 2016

Workshop 05 (WS-05)  9:00-11:00

Title Gut mucosal functions and health in poultry
Organizer Yukinori Yoshimura
Research Center for Animal Science, Hiroshima University, Japan

Workshop 06 (WS-06)  9:00-11:00

Title The effect of climatic factors on semen characteristics of Merino rams in a subtropical environment
Organizer Ismaya Natawihardja
Faculty of Animal Science Universitas Gadjah Mada Indonesia, Indonesia