23 August, 2016

Symposium 01 (SY-01)  8:30-11:30

Title Empowerment of Goat Farmer Through Mutual Trust
Organizer Tanri Giling Rasyid
Animal Science of Hasanuddin University, Indonesia

Symposium 02 (SY-02)  8:30-11:30

Title Comparative Extraction and Analysis of Antioxidant Properties and Protein Potentials to The Total Scavenging Capacity from Indigenous Honey Bees of Indonesia
Organizer Firman Jaya
Department of Animal Food Technology, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, University of Brawijaya, Indonesia

Symposium 03 (SY-03)  8:30-12:30

Title Animal Nutrition and Metabolism
Organizer Tohru Matsui
Japanese Society for Animal Nutrition and Metabolism, Japan

Symposium 04 (SY-04)  12:00-19:00

Title CADIC International Symposium
Livestock revolution in Asia -Risk and opportunity-
Organizer Tomoyuki Kawashima
Miyazaki University, Japan

24 August, 2016

Symposium 05 (SY-05)  8:30-11:30

Title Mineral Toxic in Tropical Forage and Selected Tissue of Cattle
Organizer Syamsuddin Hasan
Animal Science of Hasanuddin University, Indonesia

Symposium 06 (SY-06)  8:30-11:30

Title Animal Physiology
Organizer Achadiah Rachmawati
University of Brawijaya, Indonesia

Symposium 07 (SY-07)  8:30-11:30

Title Current Status of Animal Biotechnology and the Application for Livestock Production
Organizer Hiroshi Kagami
Faculty of Agriculture, Shinshu University, Japan

Symposium 08 (SY-08)  8:30-12:00

Title Future Beef Production in Asia
Organizer Takafumi Gotoh
Kyushu University, Japan

Symposium 09 (SY-09)  10:00-11:30

Title The new role and needs of traditional livestock, such as goats and chickens
Organizer Katsuyuki Yamashita
Fukuoka prefecture, Japan

25 August, 2016

Symposium 10 (SY-10)  13:30-16:30

Title Impact, Adaptation and Mitigation of Heat-Stress in Livestock
Organizer Vishwajit Chowdhury
Faculty of Arts and Science, Kyushu University, Japan